FOODMATTERS | “Let thy Food be thy Medicine”


FOODMATTERS is a film about the the importance of our food and that we are what we eat. It teaches how we are not getting the satisfactory nutritional levels that we use to get many years ago. It speaks about how our veggies and fruits are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungacides, and larvacides.

Cooking our foods even lightly causes a lost of very important enzymes for our bodies. Enzymes that are magical workers allowing our food to be digested effectively. The part that fascinated me the most in this film involves a woman who had major depression and was nonverbal although capable of speaking and would sit in a corner while on prescription drugs. She was given a high dose of vitamins. After this she was back to her normal self at the dinner table speaking and out of her depression. She was taken off of the niacin due a health profession not wanting her to be on the niacin and was back in the corner again. Another story involves how an increase in niacin in the diet of an alcoholic showed great improvement but was rejected as a plan to be used for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Because of this, it is one of my strong opinions that raw foods should be a majority of ones diet. The body truly has an innate capacity to heal itself.

My notes from the film..

– Modern medicine revolving around “a pill for every ill” (and thats how the sickness industry wants to keep)

– 106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions yearly. In 23 years, 10 possible deaths from vitamins

– How do you expect a building to last 100 years if you use poor materials to build it and have a long and enjoyable life?

– Super Foods: Raw Honey, Goji, Echinechea, Spirulina (highest protein content food), Noni, Wheatgrass, Acai, Kelp, Nori, Raw Cacao, Bee Pollen, Goldenseal, Propolis, Barley Grass, Ginger, Chlorella, Kombu, Nettle, Blue Green Algae, Wheatgrass

– Consuming a steak requires a large amount of energy to liquefy and make it digestible by your digestive system.

– A man who had twelve bowel movements in a day and lost 15 pounds in that day!

– Detox: colonics, enemas, herbs, water. Upon rising, drink lots of water, 1-2 liters before food or other beverages.

– Cacao Bean is the food with the highest antioxidant content (protecting you from DNA, viral damage, cancer, and skin damage.

– Thoughts on spending more $ onrent, a car or house then on the best food for our bodies and our families health.

– Woman with leukemia given jello and white bread to eat at the hospital…this doesn’t cause cancer, but it sure doesn’t cure it.

– 26% of patients are more malnourished leaving than coming in the hospital.

– Medical doctors using high doses of vitamin C to treat viruses.

– Dr. Max Gerson (1930’s and 1940’s): organic foods help reverse cancer. 50 % cure rate with terminal illnesses, severe melanoma, non hodgkin’s lymphoma

– Its sad how its illegal in most countries around the world to treat cancer patients with nutritional therapy. The only treatments in these countries are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

– Incident of breast cancer in Japan is very low.

– If you truly heal, everything heals!

– BEST NOTE****: 2 handfuls of raw cashews (not roasted, toasted, sugared, salted, but RAW!!) give you the therapeutic dose of Prozac. Cashews are high in niacin.

If you are looking to take control of your health, energy, and life, I hope you choose this film as the next film to watch on Netflix. It may truly change and add value to your life..!

Let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.
– Hippocrates 630 A.D

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