Write The Vision, Make It Plain

One thing I remember from a business class in college was a story about a case study involving students from a prestigious university (Harvard? Stanford? Yale?).  It was found that the most successful people had one thing in common. They wrote down goals for their future. In addition to this, they made plans to accomplish those goals. 

Do not wait for the beginning of a new year to make your goals. Do not give up on them even if you fail multiple times. Do not wait for another year to come in order to “reset” that goal. I was speaking to my younger sister about this and I recalled that I had heard that January was the biggest month for gym memberships. Why? Because many have bought into the new years resolution to get fit and healthy. This goal would be more palatable if it were broken down into a daily goal. This way if you mess up, you get another chance tomorrow. One of my life time goals is to drink plenty of water daily. In order to do that I had to research and find out how much water was enough. I have concluded that the best amount to drink is your half your weight in ounces. To further assist me with my goal in this, I took containers that I normally drank out of and found out how many of those containers I would need to drink in order to meet my goal. Now I do not accomplish this goal everyday however I have been drinking more water than I would have if I did not make this a goal and found steps to help me accomplish them. How do you accomplish goals (big or small)?

P.S. Always plan and have a planner! This can alleviate unnecessary stress when it comes to planning and declining or accepting events.


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